A common narrative on SOFC technology
Follow this important discussion organized by the PACE, COMSOS and INNO-SOFC projects, in a webinar on 15 April 2019:
INNO-SOFC system successfully manufactured and FAT approved
The INNO-SOFC system has been successfully manufactured and FAT approved. It has been installed within the Lempäälä smart grid. See also:
INNOSOFC latest results: taking clean heat and power to the consumer
27 Sep 2019: CONVION presents their new C60 system to the IEA "Advanced Fuel Cells" Technology collaboration programme
Fuel cell eco-efficiency calculator (FCEC): A simulation tool for the environmental and economic performance of high-temperature fuel cells
A useful tool for quick assessment of the environmental performance of SOFC and SOEC systems. It provides coherent and quality-assured life cycle data, serves as a guidance model for scale-up and enables non-experts to assess the lifecycle performance, economic returns and overall eco-efficiency of SOFC/SOEC systems at the conceptual design stage.