INNO-SOFC project combines innovative and patented process integration solutions by Convion with high performance low-temperature SOFC stacks by Elcogen. ElringKlinger is a world-leading company in the field of serial-production of high accuracy sheet metal components and in this project they are developing and manufacturing cost optimized interconnect plates for Elcogen’s stack. EnergyMatters is an energy consultancy specialized in CHP applications and will analyze different SOFC system applications and provide end-user requirements for the project. VTT, Jülich and ENEA will provide their long term experience and scientific know-how for the project to support these companies and especially validate their products. 

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Design and manufacturing of a 60 kW SOFC system with 60% electrical and 85% total efficiency
  • System and components enabling for a lifetime of 30000 hours and two-years continuous operation without planned shut-downs.
  • System efficiency and life-time validation according to IEC standards in 3000 hours demonstration
  • At least 30% reduction in system costs, below 4000 €/kW
  • 2000 €/kW stack cost
  • Stack life-time and performance validation in 10000 hours test
  • Identification of most promising end-users and applications for stationary SOFC systems
  • Efficient all-European SOFC value chain from component manufacturers to end-users
  • Boost market penetration of stationary fuel cell products and services

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